Over the past decade, I have given keynotes and sat on panels at both domestic and international summits covering a range of topics from technical scientific initiatives like oceans, climate change, and genomics to exponential technologies and their implications including artificial intelligence and quantum computing. A full list is below.

A growing focus of mine has been to offer perspective and facilitate discussion centering on the impacts of our technological development on our collective evolutionary trajectory and our shifting relationships with ourselves, each other, and the environment. After mulling it over for a second, one realizes that these components are in fact one in the same. My talks reveal the mechanisms of these connections and its relation to our cultural fabric and development.

Depending on the scope of your event and a topic you would like to center on, I would be delighted to speak and contribute to it! Please inquire below :)



Video // AI x ETHICS


Dr. nathan walworth and CEO of civicfeed, Nick Loui, discuss concepts of ethics surrounding different realms of exponential technologies from gene editing to artificial intelligence.



Neonosis Podcast // CLIMATE CHANGE


DR. NATHAN WALWORTH AND PODCAST HOST, JOSHUA FIELDS speak about what is actually going on with regards to climate change, where we’ve gone wrong with messaging, what’s coming next, and what interventions we could take to mitigate further damage.

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Wonderfruit // Pattaya, Thailand
        How the human story shapes life's most precious natural resources

NEXUS Futurism Lab // Los Angeles, CA
        Creating Culture and World Building Across Immersive Realities: A first-look at potential and consequences

Bioneers // San Rafael, CA
        Future Casting: How can we continue to evolve technologically, but remain grounded in the natural world?

Radiant Space // Los Angeles, CA
        Re-wilding Humanity: Utilizing our Past to Create our Future

Radiant Space // Los Angeles, CA
        How Art and Technology Shape the Human Story

NEXUS Global Summit // United Nations, NY
        The Confluence of Exponential Technologies

Gordon Research Conference, Marine Microbes // Tuscany, Italy
        Evolutionary Epigenomics and Climate Modeling

Lightning in a Bottle // Bradley, California, USA
        The Future of Space Exploration and Living
        Bridgebuilding Movements: Presenters Networking Session
        Neuroanthropology and the Environment
        Ethics of "Artificial Intelligence"

OceanSOS Summit // Manado City, Indonesia
        Evolutionary Decisions at Scale
        Blockchain and Decentralization for the Earth

NEXUS Asia Summit // Bali, Indonesia
        The State of our Oceans

NEXUS USA Summit // Washington DC, USA
        Quantum Computing


Our Ocean Conference 2017 // Malta
        Circular Economy
        Ethical Fashion
        Behavioral Change

Lightning in a Bottle // Bradley, California, USA
        Adaptation to Climate Change

NEXUS Climate Symposium // Los Angeles, California, USA
        Existential Threats
        Climate Change


Genius Loci // Baja, Mexico
        Behavioral Change
        Regenerative Culture

Oceans in a High CO2 World Summit // Tasmania, Australia
        Evolutionary Epigenomics of the Marine Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium in a High CO2 World


ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Summit // Granada, Spain
        Proteomic Underpinnings of Iron and Phosphorus Co-limitation Under Ocean Acidification in Trichodesmium

University of Edinburgh // Edinburgh, Scotland
        Evolutionary Molecular Dynamics of Trichodesmium Exposed to Long-term High CO2


ASLO, Ocean Sciences Summit // Hawaii, USA
        Pleiotropic Effects of Phosphorus Limitation in Trichodesmium Under Elevated CO2

Gordon Research Conference // New Hampshire, USA
        Potential Convergent Evolution in Trichodesmium to Long-term High CO2 Exposure

University of Southern California, School of Journalism // Los Angeles, California, USA
        Science Communication


International Symposium on Microbial Ecology // Copenhagen, Denmark
        The Proliferation of Noncoding DNA in the Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium

ASLO Ocean Sciences Summit // Hawaii, USA
        The Adaptation of the Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium to Ocean Acidification Conditions.


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